Adrienne Carter

Business Owner / Operator

The past 5 years have been a steep learning curve for Adrienne.  A challenge that she has thoroughly enjoyed.  Everyday is different and there is always more to learn.  The change of seasons always adds an element of excitement as new plants start to arrive.  Spring time is certainly a highlight of each year. 

Adrienne loves the challenge of turning an ordinary piece of furniture, a pot or anything else into something extraordinary.  Far from being an 'everyday' Garden Centre, we are proud to be the 1st Elite Retailer in New Zealand, of the very popular Dixie Belle paint products & accessories, along side Re-design with Prima products.  This is a recent addition to the product range, which has meant a re-arrangement of the shop to allow for Furniture Painting Master Classes and Workshops.  Adrienne can often be found in 'The Workroom' at the Garden Centre, getting creative.  When she is not at work, she enjoys her own garden and spending time with her family. 


Whilst  husband Stu (a 'silent' partner in the business) has gone back to his agricultural roots, working for a local animal feed company, he still pops in from time to time, on his days off, to help where he can.  Stu also enjoys referring a game of local rugby, a hit of tennis or a friendly game of cricket. 



Irene & Andrea

It may be small, but we have a wonderfully dedicated and loyal team at Four Seasons Home & Garden Centre Ltd.  The combination of team members, give an accumulation of several years of experience.  Each has an area of expertise and is always on hand to give advice or help our customers solve any problems in the garden. 

The ladies are also happy to help you choose a gift for yourself or for someone else from our extensive selection of gift-ware.  They will even gift wrap your purchases for you, free of charge.